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Amongst other projects and services geared toward providing respite, Royal Respite as our name suggests, provides respite and reprieve to families and couples from our growing kehilla who are facing challenges in their lives. Respite is usually offered in the form of a short get-away to a self-catering cottage or a hotel for a few nights. This serves to provide a desperately needed reprieve to our clients who would otherwise be unable to take a break to recharge their batteries and return home ready to face their challenges with renewed vigour.


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We exclusively provide respite breaks for those who are faced with particular challenges or difficult circumstances. This can range from medical issues such as chronic illness, surgery, accidents, miscarriage and infertility challenges to bereavement, mental health issues, named carers for the elderly or dependent, families with physically or mentally disabled children and even sholom bayis


Covid threw the world into turmoil, but at Royal Respite we quickly identified that more than ever there were those in need of respite. We knew we had to diversify and adapt our regular offer of respite and provide families with relief from their challenges during the lockdown. Instead of taking families to Royal Respite we brought Royal Respite to them.

Our Vision for the Future

Over the past few years, it has become very apparent to us that our current system of booking self-catering cottages and hotel rooms has some serious limitations. Many of our clients struggle with the whole upheaval of bringing kosher utensils and kashering the kitchen on arrival. In addition the current system of sourcing accommodation has proven to be arduous, very time consuming and difficult to resource.


What our beneficiaries say

"Respite; Taking a step back to move forward"